Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I've been screaming in the dark
Tryin’ to be heard
Slitting my wrist and my face
Just tryin’ to see some blood
Your selfish heart can’t see
What lies deep inside of me
Now I’m standing up so high
You still can’t see me

I’m so tired, torn apart
Dry and weaker in my heart
I’m just hoping for the sun to shine on me
If you hear me how I sing
If you see me, how I scream
If you feel me, how I bleed
I bleed for you

Emptiness dwells in my world
I’m already dead
Faking every word to see
If truth will ever rise
Are you feeling me?
Frozen hearts can’t speak
Now I’m burning in your flames
You still can’t see me

Blood stained eyes that used to watch
My cracking walls collapse
It’s all gone

p/s: ini lirik lagu yg dikarang oleh mr buluh

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